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Search for an event

You can now search simply for your event by entering name, date or location into the search area or simply by scrolling down through the events list on home page

Select your seat

Our seat selection process has become much easier and more user friendly. You can easily select your event performance and seat by simply selecting your seats using any device of your choice such as smartphones, pads, laptops or desktop computers.

Get your ticket

Receiving your ticket has become much simpler. You can receive your ticket through an email, SMS or your smartphone selected apps such as Iphone wallet apps.


We have added great new features that enhances your experience using your desktop device.


Using tablet devices,has never been easier. e have added ne features for faster and more enhanced experience using your tablet devices.


The smart and responsive features developed in TixPars, makes it much easier for users to interact and transact with a more enhanced experience.


We recognized how important it is to mae your experience easier using your mobile device.Now you can easily browse through your favorite events and select your desired tickets faster and easier using your mobile devices.


Understanding the need and the speed of all contents moving through digital delivery, we built the backbone of TixPars on enhanced digital ticket delivery. Stronger, faster and more enriched experience is at the core of TixPars.com. Now you can receive your tickets through your email, smartphones as well as using selected apps through your devices such as IPhone Wallet for a more enhanced experience with 100% security and reliability of delivery.
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